Even though it is not possible to end hunger in the world, we do our part.

We work to increase productivity in agriculture, so that more food is available for an ever-growing population. Besides, we are concerned about the environment and we support global and local entities which share our mission.

Ethics, safety, environment, people, health and operational excellence are some of the guidelines defined in the Code of conduct agreed with our business partners.

We support global and local entities:

In Brazil since 1950, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) supports the most significant changes regarding childhood and adolescence in the country. The main purpose of UNICEF is to promote the advocacy for children rights, help dealing with their basic needs and contributing for their full development.

Founded in March, 1973, Lar São José de Cerquilho currently houses 36 elderly people, and their mission is to provide a better quality of life to institutionalized elderly people, based on the principles of ethics, humanitarianism and social responsibility. They assure a healthy and decent aging, through a lot of effort and dedication of the people involved.

A mission to foster business between Brazil and European Union, Low Carbon Business Action aims mainly to promote a sustainable transition of the companies to low-carbon technologies.

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