Passion for innovation drives us to research the best source of features, so that we can become better and better. We are relentless when it comes to creating alternatives to meet our clients’ requirements, searching for technologies in the global marketplace that will be validated in our Research and Development Center.

Driven by excellence and innovation

Pioneering spirit to manufacture phosphites in Brazil, starting whit potassium phosphite

Pioneering spirit with regard to Input Technology of solar protection for crops.

First company to produce ammonium polyphosphate for agricultural use in Brazil.

Pioneering spirit when using and recommending kieserite as a source of Magnesium in citrus production.

Technological proficiency in carbonates and oxides micronization for CS formulations.

Pioneering spirit when recommending calcium carbonate suspension to be used in row crops and furrows.

Exclusive technology of Calcium and Boron to use in the soil.

We invest in agronomical validations to demonstrate our products effectiveness.

Our Infrastructure presents:

  • R&D Lab and over 250 products enrolled with the Ministry of Agriculture;
  • Database with a large number of foliar analyses;
  • Micronization technology, reactors with high-rotation stirrers, stainless steel dispensers
    for concentrated suspensions and high-density products, salts and fluids mixers;
  • Modern factory, with automated processes, linear filling lines and automated labelling machine.