Origin of the Name

Agrigento is an Italian city from the region of Sicily, with around 55,000 inhabitants. A region adheres to the Mediterranean Diet and shows one of the best indexes of life quality in the world.

Historically famous for housing the ruins of Greek structures of the Valley of the Temples. Among the most significant temples we can find the Temple of Hercules, who was famous for his strength and courage. The legend has it that Hercules proposed to the people of the region to drop the weapons and engage with agriculture.

In Esperanto, the noun “Gento” means “People” and “Agri” is the abbreviation of “Agriculture”. Therefore, here in Agrigento, we believe in "Agriculture for people"

We are the result of over 30 years of experience and operations in the fertilizers market.



Its founder - a descendant of Italian immigrants who, just like many others, came to Brazil to work in the field - entered the market of crop nutrition with the corporation with one of the pioneering companies in foliar fertilizers in the city of Ribeirão Preto / SP.


After leaving the previous corporation, he opens a new plant unit in Cerquilho/SP, in a land belonging to his family. Pack is born , with the launching of the brand Forth Fertilizantes.


The sector of landscape gardening is created with the brand Forth Jardim, a company operating in the segment of special fertilizers for landscaping and sport turf, which later was split and gained autonomy.


For Pack, 2011 marks the beginning of important partnerships with international companies and the import of high-performance goods is made available for large companies by means of their latest outsourcing service (Outsourcing/ Tolling Manufacturing).


Expansion of the factory, investing in industrial automation and a broader geographical penetration, with operations throughout Brazil.


The strategic alliance with an Italian institution for the use of breakthrough technology leads to a new growth cycle. Agrigento Fertilizantes - a brand with over 30 years of expertise and tradition in crop nutrition - reaches the market.


The Italian group Larderello, which is over 200 years old, through the FertiGlobal agricultural business unit, acquires a controlling interest in Agrigento.

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